32oz Tumblerpoxy Resin Kit
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32oz Tumblerpoxy Resin Kit

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Included in kit

1-16oz bottle Part A (Resin)

1-16oz bottle Part B (Hardener) 

  • Tumblerpoxy produces a 2 part epoxy resin that is manufactured in North America and has been enhanced to create high quality, crystal clear finish and long lasting results.
  • Improved UV inhibitor count ensures products have enhanced resilience against yellowing from sun exposure
  • Recommended Process - Tumbler - 30-35 Minutes of work time
    • Measure - 1:1 Ratio
    • Mix - 3 Minutes
    • Bubbles - Popped with gloved or tool
    • Heat - Remove remaining bubbles
    • Dry - 12-18 hours before sanding and additional layering
  • Recommended Process - Molds - 30-35 Minutes of work time
    • Measure - 1:1 Ratio
    • Mix - 3 Minutes
    • Bubbles - Allow to rise to the surface for 5-8 minutes
    • Alcohol Spray - Remove bubbles with alcohol spray
    • Dry - 12-18 hours before removing from mold
    • Dry - Additional 3-5 days on flat surface outside the mold

Please considered the above directions to ensure best results.


  • Prolonged sun exposure or extreme heat not recommended
  • Avoid projects with a depth greater than 1.25cm
  • Store in a warm, dry location
  • Liquid additives should make up less than 10% of total volume
  • Reseal unused epoxy to prolong shelf life
  • Bottles may be mis-formed due to the factory sealing process
  • Toxic chemicals should be secured and used safely with proper PPE